Income Tax Dept warns public against cash dealings of Rs 2 lakh or more saying that the receiver of the amount will have to cough up an equal amount as penalty.

No Further Extension for filing ACTIVE Compliant Form: MCA

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( MCA ) has said that there would be no further extension of last date for filing the ACTIVE Compliant form.

“Please note that last date for filing ACTIVE(INC-22A) expires on 15th June 2019 and no further extension would be provided. In case ACTIVE is not filed on or before the said date, the compliance status for such companies shall be marked as ‘ACTIVE Non-compliant’ and Directors of such ‘ACTIVE non-compliant’ companies shall be marked as ‘Director of ACTIVE non-compliant company’. Stakeholders may please take note and plan accordingly,” the Ministry said in a statement.

.Recently, the Ministry had issued Companies (Incorporation) Amendment Rules, 2019 and Companies (Registration offices and Fees) Amendment Rules, 2019 which shall come into force from 25.04.19 with a view to enable common public to be aware of KYC (Know Your Company) status of the companies and their directors.

It is in the light of the recent Sarada Chit Fund scam, the Government has introduced the new form to curb the practice of fake companies incorporated by the same person. According to the amended rules, the e Form ACTIVE need to be filed by all Companies incorporated on or before Dec 31, 2017, before 25.04.2019.

It is stated that if a Company files the ACTIVE form on or after 26.04.2019 such Company shall be marked ‘ACTIVE Compliant’ only after payment of a fee of Rs. 10,000.

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