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How to get your CIBIL Report Corrected

Your Credit Information Report (CIR) plays a large part in the loan application process. Hence, any discrepancy in your CIR may result in reduced chances of a loan approval. Therefore, it is important that the information on your CIR is accurate and updated.
The CIBIL CIR consists of Consumer / Borrower Information, Account Information and Enquiries. If any information on your CIR is inaccurate or needs to be updated, get it rectified or updated. You can raise a dispute online by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the page. This process is known as Dispute Resolution.

A Dispute Request can be raised based on either a CIR purchased by you directly from CIBIL or a CIR accessed by the Credit Institution when you have applied for a loan with that Credit Institution. CIR can be purchased by paying nominal amount and by filling a Score Request Form. Form is available at the site mentioned below :

Go through the types of dispute enlisted below to understand the various discrepancies that can be rectified.

1.Consumer / Borrower Information:
On receipt of your CIR, if you observe that your Consumer / Borrower information needs to be updated, you can now rectify the same by initiating a Dispute Request.
The fields that can be disputed are as under:
Date of Birth
Income Tax ID
Passport Number
Voter's ID
Telephone Numbers

Account Details:

You may also notice that your Account/s Information may not be updated for your most recent payment. This will usually be the case if you have purchased your CIR within 45 days of making a payment. Credit Institutions report information to the CIBIL on a monthly basis, which would mean that the latest payment will not reflect on your CIR immediately.
You can dispute for the following fields on your CIR.
Account/ Loan Type
Account Status
Ownership Type
Date of Last Payment
Date Opened
Date Closed
Sanctioned Amount/ High Credit
Current Balance
Amount Overdue
DPD/ Asset Classification

3. Ownership:
You can also raise a dispute for Ownership of an Account. The term Ownership of an Account means that that some personal details and one or more account/s do not belong to you.

4.Duplicate Account:
If the same account reflecting more than once in your CIR, you can initiate a Dispute Request.
Kindly note that the following fields cannot be disputed:
Control Number
Member Name (Unless it is an Ownership Dispute)
Account Number (Unless it is an Ownership Dispute)
Date Reported
Enquiry Date

Every CIR has a unique 9 digit Control Number which is displayed on the top right hand side of your CIR. The control number will assist us in accessing the CIR that you have purchased for your review.
In case, you are initiating a dispute based on a CIR accessed by your Credit Institution, kindly obtain the Control Number and the date of the CIR from your Credit Institution before raising the dispute request.
In case you are disputing on a Bank Control Number, we request you to provide the following additional information while raising a dispute:
Account Type
Date Reported
Date Opened
Current Balance
Action initiated by CIBIL
Based on the information submitted by you to initiate a dispute, we shall check with the relevant Credit Institution/s and notify you as appropriate in 30 days.


The easiest way to initiate a dispute request is by submitting a duly completed On-Line Dispute Form  at the below mentioned link:

Alternatively, you can raise a Dispute Request by writing to us at the following address:.
Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd, Hoechst House, 6th Floor, 193, Backbay Reclamation, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021.

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