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UDIN Directorate
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
17th June, 2020


A provision for generating UDIN in bulk for Certificates has been incorporated in UDIN Portal. Using this facility now the members will be able to generate UDIN in bulk (uptil 300 UDINs) for various types of Certificates in one go. It can be done through uploading of excel file. 

Convenor & Deputy Convenor of UDIN Directorate
Process for Bulk UDIN

Complete process of using this facility

After login, from the Menu bar, click on Bulk UDIN for Certificates. Minimum 3 certificates and Maximum 300 certificates can be generated using this procedure.
Download template file from Download Template button and open in Excel. Please note that the .xlsx file can be opened in Excel 2007 and later versions.
Select Certificate type from drop down.
Input dates in the format as per your system/computer (generally it is in mm/dd/yyyy or as 10 June 2020). Excel will format dates automatically in required format i.e dd-mm-yyyy. Do not use copy paste in this cell.
Fill in all the parameters and values.
Save the file.
Click on the upload file on the Certificate Form on UDIN Portal.
Select the file just saved now.
Portal will populate the data in the Form. Verify the data so populated.
If correct, Send and Verify OTP and Submit.
Alternatively, the option of filling the details of Type of Certificates, Dates and key fields etc. is available on the form itself.

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