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Namo, Raga on CA exam paper sparks controversy

The ongoing examination for Chartered Accountants (CA),conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI), has sparked a debate with the use of abbreviated names “Namo” and “Raga” of two of the country’s most recognisable political figures in a question paper. In the Advanced Accounting question paper on June 6, students were asked about the balance sheets of two companies namely Ltd and Raga Ltd going for a merger.

This raised eyebrows as the institute is an independent body and not politically aligned to any party. Some made fun of the question on social media.

The question was: “All the bills receivable held by Raga Ltd were Namo Ltd’s acceptances. On April 1, 2011, Namo Ltd took over Raga Ltd in an amalgamation in the nature of merger. It was agreed that in the discharge of consideration for the business, Namo Ltd would allot three fully paid equity shares of Rs 10 each at par for every two shares held in Raga Ltd. It was also agreed that 12 per cent debentures in Raga Ltd would be converted into 13 per cent debentures in Namo Ltd of the same amount and denomination. Pass journal entries in the books of Namo Ltd and Prepare Namo Ltd balance sheet.”

“The choice of the names for the companies was a little strange. Otherwise, it was a normal question,” a student who appeared for the exam said on condition of anonymity. 

The Congress took objection to the question and said it was motivated by politics. “Educational institutes should be free of politics. This is a clear political agenda and we condemn it. There was no need to introduce political names in the question paper,” said Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant. 

BJP spokesperson Keshav Upadhye said that ICAI should address this issue. 

When contacted Dugesh Kabra, member of the examination committee of ICAI, said the names were not deliberately introduced. “We have no political affiliations. The ICAI was formed under the Parliament Act. It is difficult to find out as who put this question as the setting of a question paper goes through multiple layers.”

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