Income Tax Dept warns public against cash dealings of Rs 2 lakh or more saying that the receiver of the amount will have to cough up an equal amount as penalty.

26AS FAQ's

What is Form 26AS?
It is a form issued under Rule 31AB, wherein the following information in relation to a PAN is published:
  • TDS - Part A & A1 of Form 26AS
  • TCS - Part B of Form 26AS
  • Details of tax paid other than TDS / TCS - Part C of Form 26AS
  • Details of Refund - Part D of Form 26AS
  • Details of AIR transactions - Part E of Form 26AS

From which Assessment Year (AY) can I view my Form 26AS on TRACES?
 You can view your Form 26AS in TRACES from AY 2009-10 onwards.

How is Form 26AS important to a deductor and tax payer?
The TDS / TCS deducted by a deductor is reflected in Form 26AS of the respective PAN and this helps in identifying any discrepancy / error. Although deductor cannot view Form 26AS for a PAN, they can view the TDS / TCS deducted / collected by them.
The credits available in the tax statement confirm that:
  • The tax deducted / collected by the Deductor / Collector has been deposited to the account of the government
  • The Deductor / Collector has accurately filed the TDS / TCS return giving details of the tax deducted/collected on your behalf
  • Bank has properly furnished the details of the tax deposited by you
  • In future, you will be able to use this consolidated tax statement (Form 26AS) as a proof of tax deducted / collected on your behalf and the tax directly paid by you along with your income tax return, after the need for submission of TDS / TCS certificates and tax payment challans along with income tax returns has been dispensed with by the Income Tax Department (ITD)

How can a Tax Payer view Form 26AS?
Tax Payer must register and login to TRACES to view Form 26AS for a Financial Year.

What is the period for which Form 26AS is generated?
Form 26AS is generated annually, for a Financial Year.

When is Form 26AS generated?
Form 26AS will be generated whenever a transaction related to point # 2 in this FAQ happens in relation to the tax payer. It will be updated further with all the transactions reported / processed for the given FY.

Who can view Form 26AS?
Only a registered PAN holder can view their Form 26AS on TRACES. Form 26AS can be viewed from FY 2008-09 onwards.

What is booking status in Part A of Form 26AS?
The various booking status available in Part A of Form 26AS in are:
·         F – Final
When payment details of TDS / TCS deposited in banks by deductors match with payment details mentioned in the TDS / TCS statement filed by deductor, status is displayed as Final (F)
·         O – Over booked
When payment details of TDS / TCS deposited in bank by deductor have matched with details mentioned in the TDS / TCS statement but the amount is over claimed in the statement, status is displayed as Overbooked (O). Final (F) credit will be reflected only when deductor reduces claimed amount in the statement or makes new payment for excess amount claimed in the statement
·         U – Unmatched
 When payment details mentioned in the statement by deductor cannot be matched or found in OLTAS / banks, status is updated as Unmatched (U)
·         P – Provisionally Booked
In the case of Government deductors who make book entry for TDS / TCS payment, details are updated in G-Oltas by filing Form 24G. When the Government deductor files TDS / TCS statements and mentions BIN details and these do not match with G-Oltas data, status is updated as Provisionally Matched (P)

What should I do if there is any error in the information displayed in Form 26AS?
For any clarification regarding Form 26AS, contact authorities are as below:

Part of Form 26AS
Contact Person
Assessing Officer / Bank
Assessing Officer / ITR-CPC
Concerned AIR Filer

Can we verify TDS certificate (Form 16A) issued by the deductor from Form 26AS?

Can negative entries appear in Form 26AS?
If there is any error in TDS / TCS return or in the challan detail uploaded by bank, for rectifying this, original credit entry will be reversed by debit entry in Form 26AS and a new credit entry will be posted (if required). Remarks column will be updated with the appropriate reason.

How can I correct if the name and address details given in Form 26AS are incorrect?
You can get the Data corrected by applying in TIN for changes or correction in PAN Data. This request can be made either online or through the existing network of TIN-FCs.

Can I download my Form 26AS statement?
Yes. Form 26AS statement can be downloaded either as PDF / text / excel file. If number of records in Part A / Part B is less than 20,000, Form 26AS can be downloaded as PDF / excel file or viewed as HTML on the screen.
For records greater than 20,000, Form 26AS cannot be viewed as HTML and it also cannot be downloaded as PDF / excel file. You have to download Form 26AS as a text file.

I have paid Securities Transactions Tax and Banking Cash Transaction Tax, but it is not reflecting in my Form 26AS. What should be done?
Form 26AS does not display the following taxes in Part C:
  • Securities Transaction Tax
  • Banking Cash Transaction Tax

I have received a demand notice for my Income Tax Return, whom should I contact in this regard?
For demand related to your income tax return (ITR), kindly contact ITRCPC-Bangalore or your Jurisdictional AO.

What should I do in case there are entries in my Form 26AS that do not pertain to me?
If this is on account of 'TDS / TCS' credit, you may intimate your deductor / collector. If this is on account of advance tax / self-assessment tax, you may intimate your assessing officer.

What is the source of information like my name and address mentioned on Form 26AS?
The address reflecting in Annual Tax Statement (Form 26AS) is picked up from Income Tax Department's PAN database with the details of latest PAN card issued to you.

What is the password for opening Form 26AS?
The password for opening Form 26AS will be your Date of Birth (in DDMMYYYY format), e.g., if your date of birth is 01-Feb-1980, password will be 01021980.

How can I know if my deductor has filed the quarterly statement reflecting details for my PAN?
You can check on TRACES if deductor has filed quarterly statement and whether the statement contains details for your PAN. This functionality can be accessed by Tax Payer without logging in to TRACES.
Click on ‘View TDS / TCS Credit’ link under Quick Links in Tax Payer tab in TRACES home page. Enter details as requested on the screen and proceed. ‘Remarks’ will specify if quarterly statement (for the inputs entered by you) has been filed by deductor. ‘Count of Records Present’ indicates number of records for your PAN in the statement.

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  1. The 26AS downloaded by the assessing officer and one downloaded by the assessee through the traces does not tally which is the correct one

    1. It used to happen some times due to technical snag. But you need not to bother if your 26AS is reflecting true picture.

  2. Please clarify

    1. What clarification is required, please specify?

  3. how can i view AS26 for previous years i.e. earlier than FY2008-09? Please help.

  4. how can i view AS26 for previous years i.e. earlier than FY2008-09?